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  • Second place, Broward Art Guild, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2022

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  • Frequently travels throughout the World to paint commissions by the "Who's Who" of all continents

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Twitter: naza_               Facebook: 

+1 (561) 284-9629

Naza's art has been exhibited in major galleries and museums in South, Central and North America, as well as in Europe. Her art is unprecedented in style. As the creator of the "Abstracted Realism" concept, this Brazilian American Artist sets in motion an unrivaled interplay of lines and forms as she creates her famous "cosmic windows". Her paintings are part of several important collections, including President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, President Dilma Rousseff, President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, The Ayrton Senna InstituteIvana TrumpBrigitte BardotRoberto Carlos, The West Point Academy, and The Florida Marlins, among others. This website features original oil paintingsdigital artworks on canvas, NFTs, and giclée (giclee) prints on canvas. Most of her subjects are the human figurewildlife art of endangered speciesabstract art, and portraits.
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I am infatuated with the way opposite views interact. I chose to oppose abstraction versus realism to convey that thought.

When I am using oil on canvas, I either start a completely abstract approach, then, work towards making certain elements resemble recognizable objects, events, or living being or I start from the opposite direction: I quickly create a very realistic image, and, before it dries, I abstract it. The idea is to paint not only a certain subject, but also my own perception of what is happening to it, how it influences its environment, and how it is influenced by it. Thus, each artwork is like an event. 

There aren’t any extra layers, and the texture is negligible. The only tools used in the painting process re brushes and a piece of rag to wipe out certain areas. The only materials are oil paint and thinners. Most of the apparent texture of the final work is an illusion achieved with the use of light and dark.

In both approaches, I follow nothing but my deepest feelings.

When I am doing my digital artworks, I use virtual brushes. For each detail, I choose the size and the shape of the brush; how wet or how dry I want the stroke to be; how much pressure I want to use; how transparent; how soft, and other attributes. I don't use any automatic tools such as filters, glow, or shadows. From time to time, I add an illusion of texture which I, then, distort/enhance, whichever I choose to do at that time.

Whether I am painting with oils or using the computer, my style is the same. I am still opposing abstraction and realism as the coexistence of opposite views; I continue placing the main subject within and mixed with the background, instead of in front of it; Ultimately, emotions guide me in the process of making art.

copyrights copyrighted art

All rights reserved - NAZA -1990

stlen artwork
If you see this painting anywhere, please, send us an email to [email protected]

Back in the mid 90s I had my website ( built. However, at that time, no one knew how to attract visitors to their websites or how to build an email list of prospect clients for their business.  The most common comments that I got when I told people that I had a website were: “what is that?”, I do not have a computer”, and “I do not have access to the Internet  yet”. Later, those comments were substituted by “my son is the one who uses the computer”…

I decided to dig for any kind of tool that could help me spread the word about my website.  That was when I found the Yahoo Chat. I used to go from chat room to chat room cutting and pasting the same sentence: “You are invited to visit my art exhibition”. Some people followed me to the next room and started a conversation. They invariably went to my website. According to their comments, I would add them as my friends and made notes to myself to mark the potential buyers.

I made a lot of personal friends and collectors using that approach. One of them was Tim Hulings, from West Virginia. He hired me to paint his 90 year old mother in her garden.  At first, I was a little scared and suspicious. However, I decided to take the risk and fly to Washington, D.C., rent a car, and drive across mountains and the Shenandoah Valley, to the very end of the road past a little town in West Virginia. The road ended exactly in Mrs. Hulings front yard.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day. Next door, I saw another house with a very large front yard where horses were eating. I recognized the red barn that Tim had talked about in the chat room. The silence was complete.  Suddenly, I felt really scared. What if this was a trap, set up by some weirdo to get me in the middle of no were alone with him? The only safety precaution that I had taken was to give the directions to my whereabouts to my ex-husband, who lived in Arlington, VA. Having a cell phone made me feel safer.

I knocked at the door, but no one came. I yelled a few times, but nothing happened. I had come too long a way to turn back without doing my job. Since there was no fence, I went around the house to the garden. I remembered Tim telling me in the weeks that preceded my trip that he kept talking to his mother’s flowers asking them to stay beautiful and wait for me to get there before they died. Among such a variety of flowers, the life span of some of them was probably very short.

Then, I saw her. Mrs. Hulings was kneeling at a flower bed, next to a very old sheep and an even older dog. I introduced myself and told my reason to be there. She smiled and welcomed me. I asked her if I could take some shots of her while she was working with the flowers, and she said it was ok.

About thirty minutes later, Tim arrived. It was so cool to meet a chat friend for the first time!!!  After a little talk (he was in his lunch break), I asked him if I could paint his mother and in the garden, instead of only the garden. He agreed.  After a few minutes talking, I started my trip back to D.C. area, then, flew to Florida, where I did the painting, having as reference the photos that I shot.  According to a reporter who interviewed me later for the Sun Sentinel, the Hulings family told her that the painting had been the focus of a birthday party for my subject.

I lost contact with Tim after he changed his email. Those Yahoo chat days are long gone, but some of those virtual friends that I made in 1995, 96, and 97 became friends for life. Some became my collectors too. 

"I may have given him that last push needed to get there" (Naza)
Marreco from Brasil to Mexico by bicicle

I met him at Puente de Las Americas, the bridge that connects Central America to South America (passes over the Panama Canal). I was returning home to Fort Kolby, an American base, when I saw him on his bike. From the way he had the Brazilian flag flying and extra inner tubes strapped to his bike, I immediately saw that he was a Brazilian on his way to the North. I had read months ago about a Brazilian who was cycling to Mexico to watch the World Cup. I thought maybe he needed help. I stopped the car after the bridge and waited for him. He was very excited to meet a Brazilian and said he had no money or food and had no idea how he was going to survive until he reached Mexico City. I was still going to pass through 4 Central American countries and two wars (El Salvador and Guatemala), but he was hopeful that he would meet indigenous people on the road and he would ask them for food. I saw that he was very dirty and, considering the size of the luggage, perhaps he didn't have a change of clothes. I offered to take him to eat and shower at my house and while he was showering I threw his clothes in the washer and then in the dryer. I called a friend who was a Calói (bicicle brand) representative to see if he could give the guy some money, but he was traveling. Still, his secretary gave the guy extra air chambers. I called a radio station that had interviewed me before and suggested that they interview him. They loved the idea and we went there, with me acting as interpreter. The radio owner went there, donated 100.00 dollars and called his army friends in Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala to ask for accommodation for the guy in the army barracks. He apologized for not being able to help with regards to El Salvador and Nicaragua because of the war in those counties. The young man continued his journey and I never heard from him again. yesterday I read this article by Brazilian Times and I asked myself: “Did the young man make it to Mexico?” I'm happy to finally know that he made it.

I wonder if "Marreco" would have been able to get to Mexico without the 100.00 that the owner of the radio gave him, the inner tubes and tires that my friend's secretary gave him and the help from the military from _Cost Rica and Guatemala, friends of the radio owner.

I took a lot of risk in taking him home, because I didn't know if he was crazy or a thief, and I was alone at home, as my husband, who was an American officer, was traveling.

I'd rather take risks helping someone who is in need than avoid helping for fear of what may never happen.

Here is the article by Brazilian Times:

By Naza